Tesla Company letterhead. Note the words "World Wireless Telephone Transmitter.
Tesla Company letterhead. Note the words "World Wireless Telephone Transmitter.


Wellcome to the Teslaresearch website.

This website was created with the objective of gathering and organizing as much information as possible on Tesla's inventions and experiments but also on the influence of this important inventor through the history and the future of science and technology. For this reason the contents are created progressively and some sections and categories are unfinished or just empty. The most basic contents available are probably still unfinished and the most technical contents are also under construction but will not be available until they are ready.


The explanations are created to expose the analisis of the information and trying to offer an objective point of view to avoid any opinion to understand what Tesla had in his imagination, without considering if he was wrong or right in some of his ideas, but comparing it to the point of view of modern science.

We contacted with some of the most important sources to be able to use some photos and to analize as many articles, lectures, patents and documents as possible.


Feel free to offer any information or to colaborate with the contents but also to ask about any precise information.

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    Steve (Saturday, 06 December 2014 22:43)

    Great job!