Tesla Company letterhead. Note the words "World Wireless Telephone Transmitter.
Tesla Company letterhead. Note the words "World Wireless Telephone Transmitter.


Wellcome to the Tesla research web site.


I created this free website on 19/11/2012 but at first it was a very simple project. After some time I decided to invite 2 other friends to become editors to be more efficient with the research. Now the most important objective is to provide an open research to be able to offer a complete collection of all kinds of material related on Nikola Tesla like photos, videos, articles, lectures and technical information from the most important sources.


The idea to create this free web site came from the obvious difficulty that anyone could find when searching for some photos and information from Tesla's investigations, bacause everything seems to be so poured around the internet and some precise things could be pretty hard to find or even inaccesible. By other hand there are some articles which have missing stuff and sometimes they just disappear from internet.


It is important to organize all the contents properlly and we try to analize what is possible in our hands to get a better understanding of Tesla's investigations. It is allways important to try to give some objective point of view while gathering as much details as possible. For this reason the new theories or opinions are sepparated from the original or old information. Everybody is welcome to colaborate with this project or to share any kind of suggestions, ideas, opinions or inquiries.


There exist a hidden part of this website called "restricted area" which contains an extended research of many informations from other sources to create the right explanations but it will be not available during an uncertain period of time. The most part of the website is under construction and the contents will be added, copyed or transcribed progressively from the extended research (the restricted area) because there is not any business in this project and this is our hobby and we can just dedicate our free time. It wouldn't be strange to find some mistakes or errors in the text, knowing that we are not english speakers. For this reason we usually try to verify the contents to search for mistakes and we are geatfull if somebody would find anything to correct.


By now the basic explanations are still under construction but the technical part will be added sometime, to provide the basic concepts for anybody to be able to learn about technology, but it also will be dedicated to investigate the most technical features for engineers or technicians to be able to colaborate or to remember some clues.


Be welcome to comment or to add any link related, but you are also welcome if you want to colaborate in the task of adding new contents. You can contact with or create an account in Tesla research forum to get acces in the restricted area (which will not be activated again till an uncertain period of time).


Thanks for your attention!


(Edited on 07/11/2013)



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    Steve (Saturday, 06 December 2014 22:43)

    Great job!

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