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Monopolar fake perpetual motion machine


A copper wire doesn't even get pushed/pulled by the magnet. If you have an iron wire, it will just have one of its side stick to the magnet, and will not continue rotating. The rotating effect of a coil plus magnetism is a basic concept of physics, and a battery is really necessary to make it rotate "continuously", which is Fleming's left hand rule.


Some exemples:


-Amazing Magnet Motor/Gen Rep.


But selfrunning devices are a fake, they CAN´T run.

My motor/generator is a monopol, less attraction (shorted coils) device. Almost impossible to get to run. I have spent a lot of time to adjust this.The bearings must run very very easily. Running up to 300 rpm.

Don`t waste your time with a replication of these motor / generator.

More information next video. Part 2




-Easy to make free energy, perpetual motion machine using monopole magnet.




-FREE ENERGY MOTOR !!!!! How to build it.


The Monopole magnet motor. Easy to build and fun to use. Watch as Doctor Frankenshteen creates a device that main stream science says is .... " IMPOSSIBLE." " Its ALIVE !!! "


Documentaries on free energy


-Discovery Channel - Free Energy


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    Pascal (Sunday, 12 June 2016 14:19)


    Genuine, refreshing and informative this site is. So one massive big THANK YOU.
    What a sensible conclusion/challenge regarding 'free energy
    motor/dynamo'. I fail to understand what pleasure people get by going though so much trouble in in order to set up false claims!

    Great site, thanks again.

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    www.letmewatchthismoviedownloads (Thursday, 10 August 2017 14:48)

    Merely a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding style.

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    This is really pretty cool place I like it because it has everything I want more on this blog soon.

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    Crazysurvivalstories (Sunday, 15 April 2018 18:23)

    To make fake videos they use this trick: